Following is a 23-page addendum and update to the New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptions Locators: Monmouth County (2002).

About the Book

Author: Edward J. Raser
Year Published: 2002
Published by: The Genealogical Society of New Jersey
Format: Hardcover # of Pages: 360

From the published introduction:

The purpose of this work is threefold: 1) to identify and provide directions for locating graveyards in Monmouth County, New Jersey; 2) to provide selected information on their origins, status and interred populations; and 3) to cite manuscripts and published lists of their gravestone inscriptions available in the area’s public research libraries. The Locator covers both extant and extinct graveyards for which genealogically-significant information may be found either in written documentation or on actual gravestones. Generally excluded are graveyards of dubious existence or those for which little or no information may exist, such as Indian burial grounds, most Revolutionary War soldier grave sites, and railroad laborer burial grounds. In addition, church crypts and commemorative monuments are not listed. The work is composed of maps showing the distibution of graveyards, descriptive entries providing details on individual graveyards (arranged by township), and appendices.

Note: This Monmouth County Graveyard Locator is a major revision of a Monmouth County Cemetery Guide, which was previously published by the current compiler in August 1955 with a limited distribution.

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