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The Genealogical Society of New Jersey
PO Box 1476
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Corresponding Secretary, P.O. Box 664, Hopewell, NJ 08525

GSNJ President

Chester A. Lawton—

GSNJ Membership Chair and General Inquiries

Joan M. Lowry—

GSNJ Webmaster

Scott A. Holmes—

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey (GMNJ)

Jane Fletcher Fiske, FASG,

GSNJ Newsletter

Melissa A. Johnson, CG,

GSNJ Program Chair

Joan E.

GSNJ Manuscripts Committee Chair

Janet T. Riemer—

Corrections or Additions to GSNJ’s New Jersey Societies, Libraries, and Archives List

Michelle D.

GSNJ Collections Research Inquiries

Found an item that interests you? Looking for information on a particular GSNJ collection or surname? Please contact GSNJ’s Corresponding Secretary for information about GSNJ’s Collections and to obtain copies of materials in the collections.

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