GSNJ Collections—Research Assistance and Copies

GSNJ offers assistance to those who cannot access our collections in person or who have questions about our holdings. Please note that requests will be completed for records or information within GSNJ Collections only. Requests will be answered as promptly as possible by GSNJ’s Corresponding Secretary. Membership in GSNJ is not required for research requests but support for GSNJ is encouraged. Thank you for your Membership.

To Request Research Assistance and Copies

1) Please complete the GSNJ Collections—Research Request Form.

Include any dates and details you have or, if requesting a record from the GSNJ Bible and Family Records Collection, the published record number and family name.

2a) Mail your completed request form to:

GSNJ Corresponding Secretary
P.O. Box 664, Hopewell, NJ 08525

Please include a self-addressed, stamped business-sized envelope so research results can be mailed back to you.

2b) Download (right-click the PDF when it opens in a new window) and complete the form and email it to

Things We Cannot Do:

1) Guarantee that our search for records will be successful.
2) Research beyond the GSNJ collections.
3) Extended research on family surnames or individuals.

Other Avenues for Research

If the search within the GSNJ Collections does not provide the information you require; if you need research outside of GSNJ’s collections either at the SC/UA Rutgers, New Jersey State Archives, or other repositories; or if you need assistance with a particular research problem, consider hiring a New Jersey-based professional researcher. GSNJ maintains a list of New Jersey Professional Researchers who can provide individualized research or record lookups. The list contains names of researchers, contact information, and areas of expertise. Please contact a researcher directly for information on services, pricing, and other terms. (Please note that inclusion on GSNJ’s list does not imply endorsement of an individual’s services.)