GSNJ Bible and Family Records Collection

For more than 75 years, GSNJ has been processing. collecting, and indexing family Bible pages and other family records and notations submitted by researchers. The collection continues to grow and contains more than 6,100 records, primarily pre-1850, which are arranged in accession order.

The majority of records are copies of original family records, such as those found in the family Bible (births, marriages, deaths, etc.), but some contain transcribed family information or copies of published lineages. Most non-English records have not been translated.

Please note that the index compilation is a major initiative and the database will continue to improve and grow with the collection. If you find an error, please let us know so that we may correct the index.

Donating Materials or Funds

Manuscript Materials

The Society invites contributions of family papers or genealogists’ research to its Collections, with prior approval. If you are interested in making a donation of manuscript material, contact:
Janet T. Riemer
GSNJ Manuscripts Committee Chair
P.O. Box 664, Hopewell, NJ 08525

Bible and Family Records

GSNJ also welcomes contributions of Bible and Family Records (originals or photocopies) for its collection. Please see the instructions on the Bible Records Submissions page for more information.

General Support

The Society also welcomes monetary donations, of any amount, and encourages Membership—all of which help us process and preserve our Collection. Thank you for your support.

Using the GSNJ Collection in person

Researchers may use GSNJ’s Collection, free of charge, by visiting the Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA) at Rutgers University during normal operating hours.

The Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA) at Rutgers University contains a vast amount of historical and genealogical materials, maps, photographs, publications about New Jersey history, and manuscript materials.

Please note that all researchers must check bags, coats, and other materials as requested in the lockers provided at the facility. Non-flash photography is with permission. Scanning equipment is not allowed. Photocopies are available for a small fee. See the SC/UA Rutgers website for complete rules and regulations.

Most of GSNJ’s Bible and Family Records have been photocopied and bound. The bound photocopies are available on GSNJ’s open shelves, without call slip, at the SC/UA. Entries not found in the bound books are available by call slip only.

We encourage you to visit the SC/UA Rutgers in-person and explore this wonderful resource for New Jersey genealogy and history.

Special Collections and University Archives
Alexander Library, Rutgers University
169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1163

Phone: 848-932-7006

If you are not able to visit the GSNJ Collection

GSNJ offers assistance to those who cannot access our collections in person or who have questions about our holdings. Please note that requests will be completed for records or information within GSNJ Collections only.

Please complete the GSNJ Collections Genealogical Research Request Form, including any dates and details you have or, if requesting a record from the GSNJ Bible and Family Records Collection, the published record number and family name.

Requests will be answered as promptly as possible by GSNJ’s Corresponding Secretary. Membership in GSNJ is not required for research requests but support for GSNJ, through Membership or a donation, is encouraged. Thank you for your Membership.

See more information about submitting a request to GSNJ’s Corresponding Secretary and other avenues for research.

GSNJ Bible and Family Records Collection Index

Below is a PDF of the Index, with entries arranged alphabetically, and a live data table that is fully sortable and searchable.

If you find a record of interest, copies may be ordered through GSNJ’s Corresponding Secretary. There is no charge for this service but we encourage GSNJ Membership and/or a donation (bottom of the page) to help cover costs for this service

Please note that the data below has been amended and corrected over earlier versions of this index—as some entry numbers were corrected and duplicate entries removed. Consult this page for the more current version of this index, which contains more than 35,000 rows of data, and use the index below when ordering copies. 

   GSNJ Bible and Family Records Collection Index (PDF, updated September 2019)

wdt_ID Record No. Surname Record Details
1 1 Freeman [Freeman]
2 2 Brown [Brown; Graham; Shaw]
3 2 Graham [Brown; Graham; Shaw]
4 2 Shaw [Brown; Graham; Shaw]
5 3 Etting [Etting; VanAlstyne]
6 3 VanAlstyne [Etting; VanAlstyne]
7 4 Babbit/Babbitt [Babbit/Babbitt; Beach; Carson; Conkling; Henkel; Howel; Pierson; Seward; Stewart; Sutton; Upson]
8 4 Beach [Babbit/Babbitt; Beach; Carson; Conkling; Henkel; Howel; Pierson; Seward; Stewart; Sutton; Upson]
9 4 Carson [Babbit/Babbitt; Beach; Carson; Conkling; Henkel; Howel; Pierson; Seward; Stewart; Sutton; Upson]
10 4 Conkling [Babbit/Babbitt; Beach; Carson; Conkling; Henkel; Howel; Pierson; Seward; Stewart; Sutton; Upson]
Record No. Surname Record Details