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New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptions Locators
Middlesex County, New Jersey

Compiled by Edward J. Raser, Trustee Emeritus, The Genealogical Society of New Jersey

The Genealogical Society of New Jersey is proud to announce the latest publication in the New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptions Locators series by Edward J. Raser. The Middlesex County Locator identifies former and existing graveyards and provides location details and historical background, as well as citations to existing published and unpublished gravestone transcriptions.

About the Middlesex County Locator

The Middlesex County Locator includes nine maps, 30 historical photographs, a table of former geographical place names, a graveyard index using both common and alternate names, and a full-name index to persons mentioned in the text. 

More than 280 burial places are represented in the Middlesex County Locator, including 18th–20th century family and community burial grounds, Christian and Jewish burial grounds, African-American burial places, and commercial and institutional cemeteries. Each graveyard entry in the Middlesex County Locator includes: age, size, use status, gravestone wear, location, historical comments, and availability of manuscript and published gravestone inscription lists. Location information includes directions to find the site, its tax map location in terms of block and lot numbers and GPS coordinates for extant sites. Historical comments may include real property history of the site, and insight to persons and families buried there. For burial grounds with no more than a dozen or so stones, inscription information is given for all occupants.

The unpublished inscription lists cited are those held by 13 institutions in New Jersey and New York. The historical commentary is heavily documented with source citations to deeds, wills, maps, incorporations, and other archival records. The 294 page book is a clothbound hardcover printed on acid free paper. 

What is a “Locator”?

[Excerpted from the Introduction] The purpose of this work is threefold: 1) to identify and provide directions for locating graveyards in Middlesex County, New Jersey; 2) to provide selected information on their origin, development and interred populations; and 3) to cite manuscripts and published lists of their gravestone inscription information available in the area’s principal research facilities. The Locator covers both extant and extinct graveyards for which genealogically-significant information may be found either in written documentation or on actual gravestones. Generally excluded are graveyards of dubious existence or those for which little or no helpful information may exist, such as Indian burial grounds, canal/railroad laborer burial grounds, and lone soldier grave sites. The work is composed of maps showing the location and distribution of graveyards, and descriptive entries providing details on individual graveyards (arranged in chapters by township).

About the Author

The compiler, Edward J. Raser, is a trustee emeritus and past president of the Society, as well as a former associate editor of The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. The first three volumes in the series of New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptions Locators published by GSNJ—Morris County*, Mercer County*, and Monmouth Locators—are also available from the Society. *Limited quantities.

Author: Edward J. Raser
Year Published: 2018
Published by: ©2018 The Genealogical Society of New Jersey
Format: Cloth-bound hardcover, black and white printing. Limited quantities available.
Number of Pages: 294 pages. Nine maps and 30 photos. Graveyard index and name indexes for some graveyards.

©2018 The Genealogical Society of New Jersey.

This publication was made possible by project grants from the New Jersey Historical Commission.


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