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LaRue / Rue and Rue / LaRue Collection

The Genealogical Society of New Jersey—Prepared by Janet T. Riemer (June 1996)

This manuscript collection is housed at Special Collections and University Archives, Alexander Library, 169 College Avenue, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Records: Correspondence and Research Notes—Gift of Mary M. Middleton

Box Number:    Box #1 Folder Title
Folder Number:
1 Correspondence LaRue/Rue Dorothy Hankins (OK)
2 Correspondence LaRue/Rue Onalee Arnold (IA),

Minnie Bates (IL),

Eva Christensen (CA),

Esther Clark (CA),

Gail Davis (LA),

Margaret Hance (NY),

Kay Hauser (PA),

Odessa LaRosh (KN),

James LaRue, Jr. (KY),

John LaRue (TX),

J. Malcom LaRue (FL),

Florence Marshall (IL),

Mrs. Minder (MI),

Glenn Mitchell (UT),

Eleanor Romaine (NJ),

Helen Schmit (Ont. Can)

Vincent Struble (NJ),

Dorothy Wulfeck (CT),

Mrs. Wygant (NJ)

3 Correspondence LaRue Alice Blackwell Lewis (NJ)
4 Correspondence LaRue Carolyn LaRue (NJ)
5 Correspondence LaRue Mary Kelly (IN)
6 Correspondence LaRue Evelyn Greenstreet (OR)

Jessie Sumsion (UT),

7 Correspondence LaRue Mrs. James Yanik (NY)
8 Correspondence LaRue E. P. Sickels (NJ)
9 Correspondence  Rue Helen Britton Rue (NJ)
10 Correspondence Rue D. M. Forester (TX),

Sara Rue Powers (OH),

Albert Stokes (NJ)

11 Official Documents LaRue
12 Official Documents Rue
13 Census Listings LaRue
14 Census Listings Rue
15 GSNJ Emigrant Register LaRue/Rue
16 Published Materials LaRue Families Published Articles, My Worksheets, Etc.
17 Published Materials News Items & Obits About Rue & LaRue People
18 Published Materials Articles About Locations Where Rues & LaRues Lived
19 Books Larew, Karl G., Garret Larew, Civil War Soldier; Supplement to Garret Larew, Civil War Soldier
20 Books Mather, Otis M., Six Generations of LaRues and Allied Families;

Champine, Emojene Demarest, Jacques Le Roux, The French Huguenot…

LaRue, R. Larry, Three Hundred Years with LaRue Families

Box Number:    Box #2 La Rue and Rue Folder Title
Folder Number:
Alphabetized Index Cards  A – Israel
Alphabetized Index Cards  J – Z
Notebook Family Sheets on Descendants of Abram LaRue1
Notebooks (2) Family Sheets Constructed From Material Prepared by Marne H. Dubbs
Notebook I Matthew Rue1
Notebook II John Rue2

James Rue2

Wm. J. Utermohlen “Ancestry of Richard Rue” (descendent of James2 above)

Census & Church Records

Worksheets & Printed Records

Migration of the Jersey Dutch

Sara Rue Powers’ Mss. & Correspondence with her widower

Rue Worksheets

Box Number:    Box #3 Rue Folder Title
Folder Number:
Notebook III Capt. Joseph Rue3

John Rue3

Matthew Rue3

Notebook IV Joseph Rue4

William Rue4

Samuel Rue4

Matthew Rue4

James Rue4

Matthias Rue4

John Rue4

Notebook Unidentified Rues, [given name blank],

A through L

Notebook Unidentified Rues

M through W, a few non-Rue names (may be related)

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