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Robert E. Hoagland Collection

The Genealogical Society of New JerseyPrepared by Janet T. Riemer (June 1996)

This manuscript collection is housed at Special Collections and University Archives, Alexander Library, 169 College Avenue, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Hunterdon County Landowners in 1851
Militia Records – Amwell Township 1803
Hunterdon County Maps
Hunterdon County Tax Records (including Hopewell Township)
Real Estates Values, 1850-1959
Articles on Colonial NJ
Benjamin, Frank – Bible Records
Benjamin, Franklin P. – Census Records, Federal & State
Benjamin, Franklin P. – Census Records Extracts
Benjamin, Franklin P. – Research Program Prepared by Elizabeth Shown Mills
Benjamin – Furniture from Louisiana
Antique Furniture Appraisal
Benjamin, Frank – Hypotheses about parentage
Benjamin, Frank – Land Records
Benjamin, F.P. – Letters
Benjamin, Frank P. – Other Records & Bible
Benjamin, Frank – Photo Essay
Benjamin Research Report
Benjamin, Frank – Vital Records, Family Group Records
Benjamin, George (1884-1960)
Benjamin, George Jr.
Benjamin, George Jr. (1918-1944)
Benjamin, John Stout (1883-1942)
Benjamin, Mary “Mamie” S. (1879-1938)
Benjamin, Rachel Ann (Snook) (1859-1931) – Death Record, Deed, Obit
Benjamin, Raleigh A. (1893-1954)
Benjamin, Ransler J. (1890-1933)
Benjamin-Servis Family Legends
Benjamin-Servis Project – Unidentified Persons
Servis, Phillip (1750-1818)
Servis, Phillip (1778-1858) Census, Marriage and Death Records
 Servis, Phillip (1778-1858) Probate Records
Lape, Catharine
Servis, Catharine (1817-1898) Death Record, Letter, Deeds
Servis, David S. – Cemetery Records
Servis, David S. (1809-1871) Extracts from Census Records, Children, FGS
Servis, David Stout – Census Records
Servis, David S. – Deeds, Louisiana
Servis, David S. (1809-1871) – Deeds, New Jersey
Servis, David S. – Letters
Servis, David S. – Amnesty Papers
Servis, David S. – Other Records
Servis, John M[anners?] (1828-1909)
Servis, Lewis Stout – Census Records
Servis, Lewis Stout – Vital Records
Servis, Lorenzo D. (1819-1893) – Census Records, Death Record
Servis, Lorenzo D. – Deeds
Servis, Lorenzo D. (1819-1893) – Estate Records
Servis, Lorenzo D. – Homestead Farm (HVHS Home Lineage Project)
Servis, David S.. (1857-1936)
King, Ellen (Servis) 1865-1929
Servis, Jefferson Beauregard (1862-    )
Servis, Laura (11855-aft 1898)
Servis, Mary Ellen(?)
Servis, Philip L. (1872-    )  See Nordmann Report
Servis, William Miller (1864-    )
Servis Family – Folder #1
Servis Family – Folder #2 John Servas
Servis Family – Naming Patterns
Servis Family (Duplicate Records) Research in Progress
Servis Family – Unidentified Relatives
Servis Genealogy
Drake, Brenda (Fisher)
Swaim, John – Pension file
Benjamin, Frank, Fa5m – Photos #1
Benjamin, Franklin P. – Photos #2
Benjamin, Mary -Essay on the Battle of Trenton – #3
Benjamin Family – Photos #4
Benjamin, Rachel Ann(?) Photos #5
Benjamin & Servis Family Documents #6
Birch, Servis & Snook Family Documents – Original Deeds #7
Servis, Mary Ellen Serviss (     ) & David S. Servis (1893-1945), Esther Serviss Papers
Alexander Library
Hart, John
Notes on Benjamins, Millers, Mosers, Moores, Servis
Catheriine S.A.  (Moser) Miller
Hatten, Ruth Land – Correspondence
Hatten, Ruth Land – Research Reports
Mills, Elizabeth Shown – Correspondence
Nordmann, Christopher – Philip L. Servis Report
Oldfield, Helen
Oldfield, Helen (Lancaster) – Lancaster Genealogy, Lancaster History, Photos
Estate of Helen L. Oldfield
Priode, Marguerite
Nicholas and John Stillwell Families – Family Group Sheets
E. S. Mills, Benjamin Report No. 1, 2 July 1989
Benjamin & Servis Report Number 1, May 1990
Benjamin & Servis Report Number 2, Sept. 1991
Benjamin & Servis Report Number 3, Sept. 1993
Benjamin & Servis Report Number 4, June 1994
Benjamin, Burk and Hoagland
Birch, Ransaler – Census Records
Birch, Ransaler J. – Land Records
Birch, Ransler, J. – Vital Records
Deed Abstacts
Hunt, John D. (1799-1864) – Chart, Cemetery Records, Probate Records
Hunt, Jonathan (     -1822), Husband of Mary
Hunt, Obadiah (     -1821)
Miley, James
Scarpati, Luigi (1869-    )
Snook, Abraham (ca.1800-1874) – Census Records, Deed, Will
Snook, Abram/Abraham E. (1866/69-1940)
Snook, George (1831/33-1877)
Snook, James (1815/20-     )
Snook, Margaret (1828/31-    )
Snook, Margaret A. (1799-1866)
Snook, Rachel (1802-1883)
Snook, Sidney (1822/27-    )
Snook Family of New Jersey
Snook Family – Unidentified Members
Sommovigo, Vincent (1915-1991)
Stout Family
Van Fleet, Phillip T.
Antebellum Mississippi
Louisiana-Mississippi Maps
Benjamin, Joseph – Correspondence,  census reports, periodical articles
Benjamin, Joseph – Deeds
Benjamin, Joseph – Military Service
Benjamin, Judah P, – Biographies
Benjamin, Judah P. – Letters
Bennjamin, Judah P. – Censuses
Benjamin, Judah P. – Pictures
Benjmin, Judah P. Will
Benjamin, William (1798/1800-1853
Benjamin, William (1798-1853) Family
Benjamins – Unidentified
Davis, Fielding
Davis, Henry Hampton (1821-1872)
Hunt, George F. (1828-1860)
Lape, Catharine C. (ca.1839-1882+
Miller, Catherine S.A.
Servis, Mary Ann
Miller, William S. (     – 1884) Census Searches
Miller, William S. (     -1884)  – Correspondence, Vital Records
Millar/Miller, William  S. – Land Records
Moore, Frank W. (1832-by 1865) Family
Moore, James, M.D.
Moore, Mary E. (Servis)(1832-40-1870+)
See also folder: Servis, Mary Ellen
Moore, Rachel (   ?   )(1808-10-1865)
Moore, Samuel L. (1806-1850) Family
Mosier/Moser Death Redords 1850-1880
Nicholson, (Isaac E. (1827-     )
Miller, David S. (1858-1941)
Ancestor Charts – R.E. Hoagland
Burk, Edward
Burk, Edward (1816-1868) Deeds
Burk, Edward – Passenger Arrival Records
Burk, Edward – Reports, Correspondence
Burk, Johanna
Burk, Mildred
Burk, Mil – Newspaper Obituary
Burk, Timothy (1843-1913)
Burk, Timothy – Census Records
Burk, Timothy Lenihan – Correspondence and Reports
Burk, Timothy John (1881-1927)
Burk, Timothy John, Children of
Burk Family – Research in Progress
Burk Family Bible
Lenihan (Linahan) Edmund (1812-ca.1847) Records and Reports
Madeleine M. Burk – High School Album
Burk, Madeleine – Photos
Burk Family – Photos
Burk Family – Photos
Burk Family Photos
Highland Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Hopewell Area Maps
Hopewell, NJ – Churches, Maps, Museum, Pictures
Hopewell Calendar – 1881-1991
Hopewell Herald Clippings (Howard Hoagland)
Hopewell Valley Canning Co.
Old School Baptist Church Cemetery Records
(First Baptist Church of Hopewell)
War Damages in New Jersey by the British and American
Bible Records – Stilwell Family
Hoagland, Alexander G.
Hoagland, Bethyl
Hoagland, Clarence E. (1877-1936)
Hoagland, Clarence – Land Records
Hoagland, David
Hoagland, Derrick (1690-1765)
Hoagland, Derrick (1751-1835)
Hoogland, Dirck Jansen (1635-ca. 1721)
Hogland, Edmond
Hoagland, Elwood Merrill
Hoagland, Henry A.
Hoagland, Herbert Spencer
Hoagland, Howard D. (1911-2006)
Hoagland, James C.
Hoagland, John (1788-?)
Hoagland, John Jr. (1821-1883)
Hoagland, John Everett (1866-1905) Jr.
Hoagland, John E. (1902-?)
Hoagland, Joseph (1760-1840)
Hoagland, Kezia
Hoagland, Lucy G. (1878-1908)
Hoagland, Madeleine
Hoagland, Madeleine M. – Vital Records
Hoagland, Mary
Hoagland, Robert M.
Hoagland, Samuel
Hoagland, William
Hoogland, William
Hoagland – Family Group Charts
Hoagland Bible Records
Hoagland Family
Hoagland Family – Letters of Inquiry
Hoagland Family
Hoagland Family – Unidentified
Hoagland Genealogies
Hoagland Research Reports
Hoagland Research Summaries
Hoaglands – California – Unidentified
Hoaglands – California – Unidentified
Hart, John – Photos
Hoagland, Elwood – Photos
Hoagland Family – Photographs
Hoagland Family Pictures, Negatives of
Hopewell, NJ – Pictures & Negatives of Hopewell Cemeteries, House Tour
Hullfish, Harry, Family, Photographs
Brown, Albert
Hatfield, John
McCue, Dan
 Pettitt, Robert
Slater, John
Young, William H.
Van Dyke, Peter V.
Jim Faulkinbury – Correspondence
Ramussen, James A. – Correspondence
Ramussen, James A. – Correspondence
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